Do I have a choice where my vehicle is repaired?
The Minnesota Fair Claims Practices Act (law) states that you have the right to choose the vehicle repair facility. Autoworks Collision of Wayzata repairs with all insurance companies and returns your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

What happens when my vehicle is towed in?

When we receive your vehicle, we will take pictures of the accident damage. Next we will call for authorization for tear down if needed. Then we tear down the accident damaged area(s) of the vehicle and write our estimate. We will call you with a preliminary estimate amount.

Do I need an appointment for an estimate?
No appointment is needed, but to better serve you we do recommend making an appointment. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How long will an estimate take?
Allow approximately 15 minutes for the estimate to be written. If there is substantial damage, or you have an unusual vehicle (like a specialty car) it may take up to 30 minutes to inspect your vehicle and write the estimate.

Can a vehicle be repaired that has frame damage?
We are experts in Unibody and full frame straightening. At Autoworks Collision of Wayzata we have the finest in frame and measuring technology and experienced, qualified technicians.

Will my paint match?

Today's paint mixing now uses the enhancement of a computer to mix colors from the vehicle's paint code. This technology now gives us the accuracy needed to begin the paint match process. Since the sun's process of oxidation has occurred on older vehicles, the difference seen is simply new paint against old paint.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

The length of repair of any damage depends on many factors. The factors include insurance approval, customer authorization, availability of parts, extensiveness of repairs, and the number of procedures a vehicle must go through during the repair process (frame measuring, alignment, supplement approval, vehicle disassemble, general repairs, paint preparation, painting, assembly, detailing, and quality control).

How soon can I wash my car?
The vehicle may be washed immediately. We recommend using mild car soap.

How soon may I wax my vehicle after repairs?
We recommend waiting 90 days after the repair before waxing.

Are you open on Saturday?
No. Autoworks Collision of Wayzata hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Where do I get the claim number?

Claim numbers are issued by either your insurance company or the other parties’ insurance company at the time you report the accident. Just jot down the claim number and bring it in with you when you come in to begin the repair process.

Can I get other service work done on my vehicle while it is in the body shop?

Yes. Just let your advisor know what other work you would like done so that he or she can make necessary arrangements.

Can I get a ride home when I drop off my car?
Yes, we would be happy to provide this service to you. We want each customer's visit to be a positive experience and will work diligently towards your satisfaction. Autoworks Collision of Wayzata provides pickup and delivery service.

Who do I pay my deductible to?
If your deductible is not waived, it will be your responsibility to pay us when your vehicle is completed. If you are not sure about your deductible, you can call your insurance agent and he or she can tell you whether your insurance company has waived your deductible or whether it will be your responsibility.

How can I get a rental car?
If you need a rental car, we can help you make the necessary arrangements. Insurance companies will only pay for a rental car if you have that option on your policy or if you are the claimant. Check your policy and/ or call your insurance company to find out if you have rental coverage and what your specific limitations are.

Is there any warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?
Yes. Autoworks Collision of Wayzata guarantees all repairs with a lifetime warranty.

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